A couple of weeks ago Emma and I tagged along with Mike on a work trip back to Boston.  We hadn't been back since we moved back home last year.  There are so many reasons that I'm glad we're home, but so many things I miss about the entire New England area.  One of the biggest things I miss is being able to get in the car (or ferry...) for an hour or two and be someplace amazing.  

Nantucket was the one place that was on my "list" when we lived there that we never made it to.

Here is the view of the island as we pulled in on the ferry right at sunset.

This is the old, old street right off of the ferry dock - old, old.  Everything on the island is charming, old, weathered and fabulous.  It is known as "the little grey lady" and you can see why in this photo.  

 This is a photo of the town, as we walked just a couple of blocks in from the ferry dock.  See those cobbled streets?  They were made from the stones used to weigh down the empty ships that were coming from England to fill up on whale oil.  I love the history of this little place. 

When we arrived, it really felt like we were entering into a private secret place... does that sound weird?  It is so comfortable and grounded feeling - you can tell that the people there feel like it is their favorite place in the world... this little village out in the sea, all by itself.

We stayed at The Roberts House Inn, a lovely old group of homes in the center of town. 

 This is our room - just as I had envisioned it.  Stately, old, cozy and charming. 

 The view from our window on a chilly November day.

This is one of the new buildings that are a part of the Roberts House.  I love everything about it - I took a lot of notes (and sent a lot of photos to our architect...) for our new addition while we were there.  

 Emma's favorite part of Nantucket?

This umbrella.

Talk about a lesson in keeping life simple... after a plane ride and a ferry boat ride, she loves the umbrella.

We spent just one night there (not even 24 hours), but I'm so glad we finally got to be a part of it.  It was so lovely -  I can't wait to go back during beach season... I put it on my list of places to have a home in my dreams.

Emma watching Cinderella on the ferry ride back to Cape Cod.  Oh, and she loved that we called the ferry boat the "fast flying fairy" - for those of you who also watch the Disney Fairies : ) 


We returned to "the mainland" and checked into our hotel, The Taj, just off of the Boston Public Garden. 

I forgot to take photos of the hotel so I borrowed these so you could get a feel for it.  It was amazing.  It was formerly the Ritz-Carlton - actually the first and original.  It is everything you imagine an old Boston to be - elegant, warm and stately.

Emma and I spent our afternoons having hot chocolate while we watched fancy dogs go on walks in the park.   (borrowed photo)

For dinner that night, we went to one of my favorite spots - 75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill.  It was just a short walk from the hotel - straight thru The Public Garden.

The next morning Emma and I went back to visit the "Make Way for the Ducklings" ducklings just as we had done a year ago : )

And we looked at all of the leaves - while Emma rode her "horsey" otherwise known as the shoehorn from our hotel room.  We would've been lost on this trip without the fun accessories from the room... we barely needed the ipad.  Kidding - we definitely used the ipad.

 Just through the park is Beacon Hill - my favorite neighborhood in Boston.

It is what you think of when you think about a classic Boston street.  

One afternoon, Emma and I headed back out to Concord to visit some friends and favorite spots.

I'm sure it is no coincidence that these privet berries caught her eye...

I love this little town - I think it is the most quintessential New England town.

 Emma loved her old toy store - but the last time she was here she was still in the stroller.  Now she's rocking out on the guitar....

...and "tinkering" (as she said... another Disney Fairies reference) with the work bench... Santa, are you taking notes?

Sorry to have been away from the blog so long, I've been crazy busy packing up packages for the store - a good thing!  There is relief in sight, as I have my first employee starting tomorrow morning.  I'm looking forward to having more time to spend writing (again!) and researching more fun products to feature.  I'll be posting Thanksgiving planning worksheets this week to help everyone get ready for Turkey Day!  Have a great week : )