Having a good interior home design of course can give us so much pleasure and satisfaction. It will not comfort us but also give a good impression. Combining rooms in an interior design is one of the modern ideas. It will create a different nuance with great functional usage. In this article, I will discuss about a smart room combination of kitchen and dining room. You may confuse about this combination. To know the answer, just keep reading.
Take a look at picture number one. In this picture, we can see a great combination of kitchen room and a dining room. This great room combination spreads impression of the past with the massive use of wooden material. The kitchen has classic wooden kitchen cabinet with several drawers and lockers and completed with creamy marble countertop. The creamy countertop fused perfectly with the grey glass tiles as the kitchen backsplash. On the countertop, there is a modern sink with a silver steel faucet. There are some modern kitchen appliances like huge chimney, modern oven, and stove. In front of the kitchen cabinet, we can see a great mini bar that completed with some classic wooden bar stools. Now we move to the dining room set. It consists of elegant wooden table and surrounded by some comfortable high back chairs with creamy upholsters. Under the dining set, we will find a rustic creamy and red carpet.
The next picture uses simplicity principle in designing the kitchen. It employs nice creamy kitchen cabinet with white concrete countertop. There is a cozy dining set in front of the kitchen cabinet. It has a nice table with creamy countertop. It completed with several rustic black bar stools. Over the dining table, there are two unique rattan pendant lamps. The flooring idea employs nice wooden material.

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